Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Breathing a sigh of relief...

Because an apartment has been found!

Now if only the mile-long to do list would just disappear.
But still. Relief!
The move-in date is the 5th of November, which means about a week will be taken to drive across the country.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

a quick update!

On Thursday, I opened a Wells Fargo account (my first ever national bank account! yikes.)

And today the stress level is a little high.
Because finding a place to live across the country is a little difficult.

But phone calls are being made, e-mails are being sent, and friendly people are on the phone.
And I'm trying to stay positive! Even though my wrinkles are getting more pronounced by the hour.

And I definitely think waiting for the call-backs are the worst part!

So here's a picture of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe to cut the edge.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

shae acopian detar, and an announcement!

and no, i'm not engaged or pregnant (let's just snuff out those ideas right away! good plan.)

sometimes when i'm feeling less-than-original, photography (of the fashion persuasion) is probably one of everyone's biggest inspirations. it's not about just the outfit- the scene, props, even lighting can help to break out of the box.

these days, Shae Acopian Detar is helping me out. the colors, the hints of vintage, the SEQUINS, ugh! great stuff. (the same could also be said about the lasagna i just ate...great stuff.)

 all photos taken from her website

now, if i could just have ALL the outfits involved, that'd be great.

now, announcement.
i'm moving! (again, yes.)
but this time, i'm venturing off the west coast, and going to the most random, far-away place i've been to so far.
by this time next month, i'll be settling down in my new Nashville habitat.

why Nashville?
why not?
in one day, i found the perfect vintage cowgirl boots.
two western style dresses (that i now wear on a regular basis, and have since built up a collection.)
and the whole time, was listening to Johnny Cash on my mp3 player.

it's time for a new adventure. Seattle has given me some great friends, awesome memories, and loads of fun. it'll definitely be a bittersweet goodbye, but i'm 22, and it's a big world, and i want to see more of it before i start to think seriously about settling more-or-less permanently. i've never considered (or done) the Southern thing, so it's definitely going to be interesting!
someone special to me recently likened me to a 'gypsy hippie,' and i can't prove him wrong ;)

so, over the next few weeks there will be lots of moving progress shown on this blog (and of course, the clothes i'm wearing while stressing about my to-do list.) it'll be a way for me to keep my family (and all loved ones who don't live near me) updated on the goings on!

any questions? comments? concerns? i'd love to hear and/or answer them!
i feel like these comments are going to be more personal than the average post (what with me using this method to tell my family in a mass way,) so just this once i'm disabling comments. i'd like to give everyone who has something to say some special one-on-one time!
so please email me at maya.alana@gmail.com!