She and Him: Over It Again
sometimes the fan-made-lyric videos make me happy. i love karaoke! and this is one of my favorite She and Him songs.


 Jefferson Airplane: She Has Funny Cars
the weather is slowly warming up, and so is my 60's playlist

The Submarines: Birds
great, just great

Coeur de Pirate: Comme des Enfants
a perfect video to kick off this springtime-thing!


Kate Micucci: Out the Door
yep, another kate. she's cute!

Karen Elson: The Ghost Who Walks
 in my opinion, karen elson is one of the coolest females ever.
jack white is lucky. she's lucky too (since i've been in love with jack for more than a decade's awkward. it's like he doesn't even know i exist!)

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins: Rise Up With Fists!
i love jenny lewis (especially when she teams up with the watson twins.)
ESPECIALLY especially when fluffy dresses are involved.

  The Everly Brothers: Bowling Green
let's be wholesome americans, shall we?

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros: Home
i want to live in this video. that's all.


  Regina Spektor: Us
another personal style icon, maybe it's the similar hair? it gives me hope that mine will look halfway decent someday.

She and Him: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
let's just think about how zooey is my #1 idol...okay done  :)
(and how hot is JGL? i love a man in a suit.)


Arcade Fire: Neon Bible
as if they weren't awesome enough, sometimes they jam in an elevator.


 Kate Micucci: Dear Deer
"If you do you'll end up sitting in a pot roast, it's not fair."

Camera Obscura: French Navy
the colors are great, the song is even better.