Tuesday, November 29, 2011

settling in, and getting ready for stuff

 Not really the best post title, but this is pre-coffee and it gets the point across.

Settling into a place across the country from what you're used to is a little overwhelming sometimes.
But at least there are things that make it easier!

Getting a job upon arriving (that was a relief, a cash flow makes all the difference in the world to stress levels,) finding out that the terrain of your new town is a simple one to learn, and of course, friendly people along the way help too!

Things here still throw me for a loop on a daily basis: the accents, the fact that it's raining and NOT blowing in my face at the same time... just the fact that it rains and I still don't have to bundle up yet is crazy!
I've never known what it was like to wear a short sleeve dress and carry an umbrella without needing a heavy coat, too.
Now I do.
And it's nice.

This 'Domino' dress was one of the first I'd ever made. I'm the girl who buys the clearance fabric that no one wants (there's also a "glitter banjo" skirt, and a "coffee bean" dress... the list goes on) The boots are my trusty vintages and the little yellow jacket is from a boutique I used to work in, back on the Oregon Coast.

 Anyways, now that things are getting more calm, I'm excited to announce some stuff for this little blog! Like, actually getting it up-and-running again (isn't it weird how life stuff gets in the way of cyber-life stuff? It's 2011, I should be able to update from my brain! Like, take a picture by blinking my eye and then BAM! It's on my blog. This sentence got weird. And long.)
Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

hello, Nashville!

new bike by tea with toast

after a hectic week-long road trip (that involved a truck breaking down, and various other sucky-stuff) i made it!
to Nashville!
a Nashvillian? why not! that sounds right.