about me

i'm an aquarius that loves pie too much.

i hear that i'm unique a lot. and weird. and different. and "special."
the last one concerns me a little.

but only a little. special can mean lots of things! like that one cereal, special j (i shan't mention the actual cereal. no product placement here!)

i'm extremely old fashioned.
i wear dresses almost every day. i love baking pies, and i never leave the house without putting on perfume and lipstick. most of the movies i watch were made before 1968, and i have this obsession with...birds. TWEET! and deer, they're adorable long-legged things.

i love the typical stuff. photography, making clothes, nature, vw buses, and cake pops.

i was born in a tiny town on the oregon coast, and wandered through california and southern oregon before landing in seattle for a spell.

since i've been in washington, things have started to settle... and that's fine with me. i have time to knit. i  read a lot. i watch my brit-coms and my crude cartoons (i heart Archer).

this blog is meant to be a 'virtual scrapbook' of sorts. i have an awful memory! i'm sure it'll be nice when i'm old and crusty.you know, when everything will be computerized. (even soup!)

some things:
-i don't blame yoko ono.
-i think horses are regal and awesome, but way overrated. kind of like george clooney.
-87% of the time i have an third-person narration happening in my brain ('she updated her blog with facts no one really cared about...not even her.) the other 13% of the time something exciting is happening.
-i want a badger-butler who greets me when  i get home. he should be wearing an apron and holding a casserole.
-i wish natural bodies of water were made of sweet tea, although it would be awkward when I  cause a worldwide drought (I’d drink it all, duh. and then i'd feel bad.)
-i prefer Sweet and Low over real sugar because it sweetens faster. i’m too impatient to add TWO teaspoons of sugar when I could add ONE packet of cancer. i also eat honey packets (not the plastic bit, just the honey inside.)
-my favorite foods: hot dogs, crust (pie, bread, that burnt part on top of the mac and cheese), and whipped cream.
-for five years i've been addicted to cold turkey.