Sunday, January 8, 2012

and i'm back!

whew! Did the holiday season exhaust anyone else?  Christmas is hectic enough, and after mixing in trying to balance your new life in a new place AND pencil in a trip across the country for a wedding (thank you, Jacob, for making me your groomslady!) it got a little overwhelming. 

This girl is tired! (fun is tiring, didn't you know?)
Anyways, this week coming up will be a doozy as well! Friend dates and chillaxin' appointments are what I have to look forward to.
I'm excited!

This outfit was ages ago, somewhere in between unwrapping presents and packing my suitcase. All I know is I've had those riding boots far longer than I should, but they're like a safety blanket for my feet! (comforting and familiar can apply to footwear, right? Right.)


Anonymous said...

I love this outfit! I especially love your coat, because it has two of my favorite things: patch pockets and big contrasting buttons! (incidentally, i'm having a button-related giveaway on my blog. just in case you want to check it out.) And yes, shoes can totally be comforting. I have all sorts of fun heels and stuff, yet I somehow always get back to my little black ballet flats with bows.

Have a lovely Monday!

xo Julie

Anonymous said...

The boots look classic. Love the coat and bow. Your look is so "high brow".
When is the trip for the wedding? More important what will you wear?

Katrina said...

Nashville has such swanky fire hydrants!