Saturday, February 4, 2012

i'm older!

Yep! This past week was my 23rd (yeowch!) birthday! And boy howdy (ha, I live in Nashville now...) it's been a buuuusy week.
I've just been snapping little snapshots for a few days when I remember to, and here it is! My tastefully named, BIRTHDAY WEEK PHOTO DUMP!

top to bottom:
1. My new cupcake hat! It's a hat that looks like a cupcake. Umm. Best thing ever, or greatest thing ever?
2. I'm an old lady that was in love with this tuna salad. Awkward.
3. Vintage shopping! (also, antiquing in AWESOME antique malls!)
4. Almost-daily coffee dates make my world go 'round.
5. My new 50cent (NOT the rapper) purse. It's woven, AND embroidered. Hullo, springtime!
6. Random midnight-brunches, complete with fruit salad and mimosas (and The Mighty Boosh on laptop during prep-time, obviously.)
7. A jaunt to a Nashville institution (my omelet was the size of my head, and yes, the pancakes are to die for!) with this lovely lady!
8. Not pictured: loads of gin, birthday cupcakes, and cute kitchen gadgets.

Whew! And even though this Saturday afternoon is being spent watching True Blood and eating peanut butter crackers, I've got a full few weekend ahead of me! Including a friend coming 'round in about a half an hour (yikes, I should get to tidying...), an important-person's show to attend tonight, work tomorrow at 8am, then off to a neighboring town to meet up with an Arts Department of a movie I'm volunteering to help with!
Maybe Monday I can schedule a time to breath?  :)


kaelah beauregarde said...

Hope you had the happiest of birthdays lady! Wish you could've come to game night Thursday, it was redonk. I feel like I haven't talked to you/seen you in YEARSSS. What is this?!?! My phone broke on Friday so I'm *still* without but hopefully I'll have one today or tomorrow and we can make plans! I still owe you birthday cupcakes after all!

Elena said...

Hey how is the costume designing going? Btw that coffee looks amazing.