Wednesday, December 14, 2011

apples and oranges

I'm obsessed with a few things. The Beatles, good coffee, good whiskey, bunnies, deer, baking, berries, dresses, lacy underthings, nail polish, glitter, twinkle lights, Christmas, Valentine's Day, colorful tights, cats, basset hounds, pancakes, vw buses,
AND FRUIT. (yes, I put berries and fruit into different categories, just deal [with it]).

So you can imagine the excitement and arm-flapping motions that followed me learning that there's a year-round farmer's market just north of downtown! On this particular occasion I bought apples, some apricot preserves, and yams. Because baked yams with butter and marshmallows are healthy! Because they're STILL YAMS! You know I'm right.

This purple-and-lime-green-tweed coat is one of my favorite things ever, and was a gift from an old friend. My shoes, scarf, arm warmers, and (unseen) dress were thrifted, my polka dotted tights are from Target, and the gold bow brooch (on my purse strap) was my grandmother's.

And I'm smiling because this was before I learned that I had just missed the bus. If there had been another picture taken about 30 seconds from now, it would have been a lot like this:

Hope everyone is having a Smurfy Day!


Anonymous said...

Love the scarf. Heck seeing the whole outfit put me a good mood.
Hope the fruit is as good as it looks.

Q's Daydream said...

i love the farmers market! you look adorable as always :O)
btw, i'll text you later!