Friday, December 16, 2011

proof that i had a day off (thanks, camera phone!)

from top to bottom: fresh baked mini-biscuits are a must for breakfast, and served with locally made preserves. Classy! Also, take note of my new "Pimp Cup" (it's covered in hoes, HA!) Then a quick outfit post, and a picture of a kitty that had been sleeping since 2pm the previous day (if you're wondering about the grid, it's for D&D campaign maps. I'm okay with myself!) Some Christmas time with the tree (and potential future Christmas card, once I recreate it with my actual camera?) and then some apple cider in the smallest (and CUTEST!) bottle ever! And it tastes even better when served in the most heinous holiday cup you could find at the Dollar Tree. Then a friend comes over to watch a terrible movie, and you end up at the mall down the road trying on lipstick colors at Sephora and then heading to Claire's to browse friendship necklaces for 12 year olds.

1 comment:

SeeRight said...

I might have to save your cat from that sweater. I like the tree though and you did an awesome job on the stocking.